Rocket.Chat's Handbook

The Rocket.Chat's Handbook contains all the information on how we run the company, our core values, team member onboarding, our policies, and much more.
We know it's practically impossible to go through all of it in a single run, so make sure to check our policies from time to time as well as your area's specific documents.
This Handbook will always be a work-in-progress, and it is everyone's responsibility to keep it up-to-date and relevant.
You are encouraged to update the processes your team or the whole company uses. If your area does not have a section in the menu, go ahead and create one. If you notice some procedures have changed from what's been written, suggest a change.

Open vs Closed Information

Rocket.Chat is open by default. This means that unless something is explicitly prohibited from going public, it should be public. Examples of protected information are employee individual compensation and customer contracts.

Creating or Editing Pages

To create or edit pages within the Handbook, you will need to login to Gitbook. If you don't have an account, send a message to Marcelo Schmidt to get an invitation link.
After you log in, click the Rocket.Chat Handbook link, then click the 2.0 version:
Then navigate through the menus and find where you want to edit or create a new page.
Then click the blue "Edit" button at the top-right portion of your screen.
If you want to edit the current text, just click it and edit in place. You'll see a menu at the right of the text you're editing that allows you to format the text.
By hovering your mouse in between lines you can insert a new paragraph by clicking the plus sign that shows up.
To upload images, just copy and paste into the text.
To create a new menu item, just hover in between items and click the plus sign.
After you are done creating or editing, click the "Submit" button, and that will create a Change Request that can be reviewed and merged.
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