Community Events Manager

  • Create, plan, organize and manage developers and users community events throughout the year.

  • Organize and manage Rocket.Chat’s participation and appearances in external industry events.

  • Plan and execute Rocket.Chat developers Hackathons and Competitions.

  • Plan and execute annual virtual summit events for Rocket.Chat’s community of developers and technical partners around the world; for each of the major Rocket.Chat verticals (team chat, omnichannel, education, etc).

  • Work closely with the conference organizers, community leaders, and other partners on sponsorship and participation in their technical and community events.

  • Organize and plan annual graduation events for Rocket.Chat’s training and certification programs.

  • Work with Rocket.Chat’s technical team, developer evangelists, and community advocates to create a high-frequency company-wide schedule (weekly or more frequent) of webinars, technical/community information videos, and podcasts

  • Develop and track quantitative metrics for measuring the success of all events

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