Community Manager


  • Drive a high level of increased users community engagement and growth in established areas as well as new verticals across global geographies (via translation and recruitment of local specialists)

  • Assist in the creation of company-wide strategy and guidelines for community management and engagement

  • Recruit, onboard, and coach a team of community advocates - working closely with HR department work in conjunction with community leaders to Influence the product roadmap and the development backlog

  • Establish and execute content strategies for increased community engagement and support - working closely with marketing, support, and documentation teams

  • Establish and execute users training and certification program to improve overall community engagement and growth - working with Training and Certification Program Specialist

  • Create, manage and attend internal and external events and functions relevant to improving users community engagement and growth - working with Events Planning and Management Specialist and technical team

  • Define new metrics, and refine existing community-health analytics metrics to positively measure the growth of our users community

  • Monitor latest community building and management trends, evaluate and adopt the best practices and tooling to increase community engagement

  • Be a Rocket.Chat brand ambassador

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