On this page, we're detailing how to optimize meetings in an all-remote environment.

Control your calendar

Reserve blocks of time to do focused work
Create meeting-free days every week
Just say no or delegate
Configure a 25 minutes default meeting duration
Define speedy meetings to have 5/10 minutes intervals

Respect others' calendars

Always confirm if you are attending or not
Read the agenda and materials sent out in advance
Join the meeting on time

Host good meetings

Prepare an agenda
Avoid the status meetings
Invite only the people who need to attend (mark people as optional)
Start and end on time
Don’t rehash materials sent out in advance
Send out a summary of the next steps

Organizing recurrent meetings

Schedule recurring meetings to the beginnig of the week


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On this page
Control your calendar
Respect others' calendars
Host good meetings
Organizing recurrent meetings