Day-off Policies

Know in which cases people get days-off during the daily Rocketeer life!


On your birthday you get automatic PTO! I This is a really special day for everyone, so this way you can feel free to celebrate it with your loved ones and in the best way you can! You don't have to worry about submitting a request for it on Zoho People. Simply consider birthday notifications on our #important channel as a PTO notification also, so consider all birthday folks as "out"!


We have a set list of National Holidays on Zoho People, these holidays are used to send the Zorro app notifications on our #important channel. In here you can check the full list. If you have a Regional Holiday coming up and it is not on the list, please follow these steps: 1. Send the People team the following information about the Holiday: Name, Date, To which locations it applies. 2. If you're sending the message on the date of the Holiday already: Just post a message complementing the automatic one that Zorro sends on important on the holiday, saying what is the holiday and where it applies to, but also do step 1 so the People team can create your holiday on Zoho. 3. (Optional) Whenever you're "out of office" on a Holiday we advise you to activate the automatic message bot to let your coworkers know about it if they try to message you. You can activate it by writing on open: /out-of-office out <Message saying what holiday it is today>And when you come back the next day just write: /out-of-office in.


We advise all Rocketeers, no matter where you live, to take at least 20 days of vacation a year (apart from PTO). This is important for you to have some cool down time and to maintain a healthy relationship with work. In the case of Brazilian Rocketeers, you respond to the CLT vacation rules.

On none of these cases we'll be able to "block" your calendar in advance, so we strongly advise you to block these days in your Google Calendar a while before to prevent people from scheduling any meetings on these special days!