What is the Objective and Why are we implementing this policy?


This policy establishes new protocols to manage how the company procures or purchases goods/services on behalf of the company. It covers invoicing and documentation for these purchases and how/when Rocket.Chat issues associated payments.

The policy affects many of Rocket.Chat collaborators, so please read the policy carefully and do not hesitate in contact Accounts Payable Team in case of any doubt. It also has implications for suppliers based on our new payment protocols, thus it is extremely important the proper communication from our collaborators with them.


Due to the company's growth and increased hiring, it became very relevant the need of standardizing the accounts payable and payroll schedule process for contractors.

This process aims to optimize the provisioning of the company's cash flow. We manage cash availability globally and we process all payments in Brazil for all Rocket.Chat Entities; it is very important to have proper visibility of the accounts payable and better management of the Company’s cash flow, as well as optimize the treasury daily routines.

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