Team structure, role and working hours
Carolina Freitas Marketing Analyst Brazil, GMT-3 ****[email protected] Role: Oversees outbound strategy, including Events Strategy, including Digital or In person, Webinars Production, Newsletter (Plan and Structure), Paid Ads, Review Platforms, Co-marketing with different Channels, take care of Partnerships Relations, Campaign Data, Mail marketing, Social Media focused on Employer Brand, Brand Awareness and Lead Generation.
Lucia Fallavena Content Marketing Analyst Portugal, GMT+0 ****[email protected] Role: Oversees inbound strategy through content, including blog articles, sales collaterals, press releases, newsletter feeding, social media campaings, public relations strategy.
Manuela Massochin Digital Marketing Intern Brazil, GMT-3 ****[email protected] Role: Helps with social media management and customer engagement, technology review platform updates, content creation for blog articles, email marketing, event production, market research and public relations with community and digital influencers engagement.