Data & Analytics


Collect, clean up and organize data across the whole organization to generate business intelligence products and make data-driven decisions.

Getting Started

If you just started at Rocket.Chat or you want to know more about how to access data and reports, please check the Data & Analytics Zoho Analytics Onboarding document.

If you want to know more about our Data Lake ou must check the Data Lake subject.

How we work

The Data & Analytics team is one of the main Cross-Functional Teams at Rocket.Chat, working closely together with several other teams and departments. Due to this characteristic, we receive a lot of new data product requests. To better triage these requests and properly assign capacity to them, we developed a form called "Data Request Form", where the requestee must provide extensive details about which kind of data they need, how are they going to use it, main stakeholders, etc.


We have tutorials for the following topics:

  • Consolidation 2 Guide

  • Monthly Company Update Tutorial

  • Quarterly BoD Meeting Tutorial

  • Self-Service Revenue Tutorial

  • How to Update Community Composite Index

Find all of them in this folder.

Whimsical Flowcharts

There are several flowcharts and mind maps regarding Data & Analytics structure and processes. Most of them are referenced throughout the tutorials and the handbook, but find the most important ones below:

Members and functions:

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