Performance and Career Check-In

The Check-In is the most important tool and milestone for the development of our Rocketeers. It goes beyond an evaluation of performance since it was designed to attend to three main goals:

  • Evaluating performance

  • Aligning expectations about career growth

  • Developing the career path of our Rocketeers

Our Check-In is hosted on Qulture.Rocks and our Rocketeers can log in through Okta (SSO).

The Process

The Check-In has 5 steps:

  1. Indications Stage;

  2. Validation Stage;

  3. Answer Period;

  4. Reports;

  5. Feedback Session / Development Plan.

To walk you through each of them, here is the recorded training and the introduction material. At Qulture.Rocks' Knowledge Base you'll also find a collection of tutorials to help you during the process.

Indications Stage

The default evaluations everyone will fill out are a self-review, a review of the manager and any direct reports you have, but you also have the option to indicate peers to evaluate you. Leaders can also indicate if they want someone to evaluate one of their team members.

If you want to participate in a peer's evaluation and give them a review just talk to them and ask them to indicate you or ask your leader to indicate you to evaluate them. Here are the three basic rules you need to follow regarding indications:

  1. The system will limit the number of peer indications to 4, for everyone;

  2. If you received more than 4 indications, during the indications or validation stages feel free to refuse indications from the Rocketeers you have less contact with and, therefore, less to contribute with. We indicate reviewing up to 4 peers to do a deep and healthy review;

  3. Indications will not be created by system admins after the indicated period to maintain the freedom of evaluators to choose who to evaluate.

Validation Stage

At this stage leaders will validate their teams' indications, they may remove or add people if they believe someone's input could be more valuable to your development based on their understanding of your work routine.

As previously mentioned, you can and should review all indications you received during this stage, selecting 4 from the people you have the most contact with and can contribute the most to.

At the end of the validation stage, all indications left will be automatically validated by the system.

Answer Period

In this stage, you'll answer your self-evaluation, review your manager, any direct reports you have, and any indications you received. You’ll answer:

  • Your profile: In this one, we want to look into your interests and aspirations. Do you know that dream of yours? What random skill do you have? What position do you aspire to? This is the place to talk about it. To find it, just click on "Open profile" below your name on the home page of Qulture.Rocks.

  • Check-in Survey: This is the survey you'll answer inside the Review module.


After the reviews are submitted, leaders will generate and release a report containing the results. This report, along with your profile, will serve as crucial inputs for your feedback session with your leader and the creation of your Development Plan. We aim to release the reports close to the feedback session to minimize the potential for misunderstandings.

Development Plan

After the question-and-answer period, it's time for you and your leader to come together for the feedback session. During this session, you'll review the report, discuss the variations in perspectives from the responses received, explore potential reasons for those differences, delve into your profile, and converse about your aspirations. All of these aspects will contribute to identifying your developmental areas and establishing agreements to focus on for the upcoming semester.

Engineering Performance and Career Check-In

For the Engineering Team, we incorporated a technical skill evaluation in addition to the existing criteria, which includes alignment with our DOTS, overall performance, and contributions to our results. This evaluation ensures that our process is relevant and effective, supporting your career aspirations while aligning with the company's milestones.

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