Company Onboarding

The onboarding starts as soon as you accept our offer letter. Recurrently, from the day you sign the offer up to your first day as a Rocketeer, you'll receive pre-boarding emails containing instructions, documents, and additional information you need for joining Rocket.Chat. A few days before your start date, you'll also receive guidance for setting up your Rocket.Chat accounts.

The Onboarding Certification

The certification will give you a good foundation of knowledge about the company, our departments, the platforms we use, and more! So you must dedicate your first two days to completing the certification.

After completing the Certification, you will be able to:

  1. Understand Rocket.Chat, from both the product and business points of view;

  2. Get resources to identify teams and departmental representatives that are there to help you;

  3. Find out more about the aspects of your daily life as a Rocketeer;

  4. Review the tools and systems you will use daily.

HereΒ΄s a guide made for our new Rocketeers so they know what to expect! We recommend reading the full guide to have a better understanding of the onboarding process.

The Cross-Departmental Onboarding

Our goal is to help new rocketeers develop a proactive mindset by enabling them to understand the bigger picture and enhance their cross-departmental responsibilities. By assigning the new rocketeer the task of scheduling intro meetings with key stakeholders from other departments, we are promoting engagement, networking, and a deeper understanding of the company's overall operations.

Let's explore the different roles and responsibilities:

  1. The manager is required to provide the names of two or three key stakeholders from other departments;

  2. The People Team is responsible for ensuring that the new rocketeer is informed of the nominated stakeholders and that the stakeholders are notified of their nomination for the meeting;

  3. The New Rocketeer is responsible for scheduling a 20-minute introductory meeting with each of the stakeholders during their first week;

  4. The stakeholder is responsible for attending the intro meeting and helping the new rocketeer by briefly discussing some departmental cross-functions they will be performing together.

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