Departmental Onboarding

During the first and second days, the new Rocketeer must focus on completing the Onboarding Certification and going through the company onboarding as described in this handbook. By the third day, this person may be ready to start the area-specific onboarding.

The process of departmental onboarding described in this section was developed with the help of our Rocketeers after conducting surveys and workshops to gather their input on an ideal standard area-specific onboarding.

Different teams may have onboarding workflows with additional routines or items, but the process described here is what is considered the minimum expected of any area-specific onboarding.

Initial Guidelines

For starters, it's important to establish two basic guidelines about the area-specific onboarding to achieve a smooth process that doesn't overwhelm its participant:

  • Emphasize hands-on learning. Commence with small activities and gradually progress.

  • Introduce new information gradually to prevent individuals from feeling overwhelmed.

General Structure

To ensure that the new team member receives support beyond reliance on a single manager or team member, it is crucial to establish the structure of three key support roles:

  1. Manager

  2. Buddy

  3. Documentation

Each of these roles plays a critical part during the onboarding process. Let's explore them and understand their distinct responsibilities.

1. Manager

The Manager is responsible for:

  • Notifying the team on its main channel about the new Rocketeer soon to be onboarded;

  • Assigning a Buddy for the new Rocketeer, and defining the responsibilities toward the new team member;

  • Introducing the new Rocketeer to the team during the team welcome meeting on the very first day;

  • On the third day, during the kick-off meeting for area-specific onboarding, covering topics such as presenting the area, providing an overview of the backlog and main projects for the next months, detailing the tools and systems used by the team, aligning expectations for the new team member's performance and responsibilities, and explaining how their performance will be measured;

  • Follow up with the new rocketeer to inquire about the outcome of their meeting with the stakeholders.

Note: Once you become a manager of a new hire, you will be added to our onboarding platform, Workleap. There, you will have access to a manager's checklist with tasks under your responsibility.

2. Buddy

The Buddy assigned by the Manager should:

1. Introduce themselves;

2. Help the new Rocketeer adjust to the team, its ceremonies, and meetings;

3. Be present especially during their first month to support them with tools, processes, and general guidance;

4. Be available for any questions or doubts.

Note: Our culture is one of the most significant strengths within Rocket.Chat, and we want to acknowledge actions that promote it. You can collect stars for being a New Rocketeer's buddy! Check out our handbook for more details.

3. Documentation

The Documentation should:

The area's documentation should encompass both processes and tools. Establishing comprehensive documentation adheres to the initial guideline of offering a mix of content types, allowing Rocketeers to learn by reviewing the area's practices outlined in the internal handbook whenever necessary. This minimizes the time required from both the manager and the buddy.

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