Monthly Payment

CLT Rocketeers

When you first joined you answered a form asking you if you already had a Santander account because you will need an account in that bank to receive the monthly payment. If you don't have one, you can try opening one online at this link. You should choose the "Conta Confia" category, for which you won't pay an annuity.

In case you're not able to create it through this page, just let the Personnel Department know and they'll create a letter to be sent to the bank for you to create the salary account.

In case you're not able to create it through that link, just let the Finance Team know and they'll create a letter for you to send to the bank for you to create the salary account. Once you have the letter, you can go to the bank and ask them to open a salary account ("Conta Confia" category).

After creating the account you can request for portability to the account and bank you use today, meaning any money that gets to your salary account immediately goes to the one you choose.

The payment gets to you on the last day of each month. It's important to point out that we don't do an advance of the salary in the middle of the month (e.g. paying on the 15th and on the 30th).

US Employee Rocketeers

Your payment is processed through TriNet. There is no need for you to create invoices; the platform handles all the processing on your behalf. Payments are made every 15 days, with half of your monthly salary disbursed each time.

Contractor Rocketeers

If you are a contractor, your payment is done through Deel!

Firstly, what is Deel? - Deel reimagines payouts for businesses working with remote teams internationally. Deel helps you get paid anywhere you are, easy and fast with the most optimized rates.

We'll send you an invitation to join Deel. After you receive it, you must follow these steps:

  1. Complete your profile by adding all the information and identification documents.

  2. Add all mandatory compliance documents.

  3. Fill out the necessary tax forms and sign the agreements.


  1. Why do I need to provide my passport or government-issued ID? This is a standard operating procedure and ensures we know who we're working with and remain compliant. Additional fees may occur in the case of countries where local bank transfer isn't possible.

  2. What is a background check? For Contractors located outside Brazil, a background check is a mandatory requirement facilitated through Deel. This comprehensive process involves thorough research and verification of an individual's history. It is commonly conducted to assess suitability for a specific role, position, or activity, with a particular focus on legal and financial considerations. Before initiating the background check through Deel, individuals must provide explicit consent. For a background check to be carried out, individuals must submit all required compliance documents through Deel, as the payroll process is conditional on this verification. This step ensures transparency and compliance with privacy regulations. The background check is an integral part of our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy work environment.

Don't hesitate to reach out to the Finance Team if you have any questions.

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