Platforms and Systems

Daily, we interact with various platforms and systems to fulfil different tasks and routines. Upon receiving your credentials a few days before your start date, you'll gain access to all necessary accounts. Rocket.Chat streamlines access through a single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication platform named Okta. This means that you can log in to all the listed applications below (and others) via the Okta platform.

  • **** It is the open-source server of Rocket.Chat, where our company channels are, and where the magic happens!

  • ****Github: The platform where our open source code is available, where collaborative coding happens.

  • ****Jira: This's the platform our team uses for tasks, OKRs, and projects, seeing their level of priority, due date, and all necessary info.

  • ****Workleap (Former Officevibe): This platform informs us about our organizational climate. It sends a weekly survey to everyone’s email with different topics such as feedback, recognition, and happiness. Through these answers we can know how our team is feeling, it generates our eNPS and more numbers we can use to know where to act! So you must take 5 minutes every week to answer these polls. Even, this is the platform to onboard new Rocketeers! Through Workleap, you will be able to complete your onboarding tasks and surveys.

  • ****Qulture.Rocks: It is the platform used for the performance management of all Rocketeers.

  • ****The Org: The Org is an employer branding and org chart platform that helps new employees get to know the company's team structure.

  • ****Google Workspace: You'll find access to your RC email, calendar, and shared drives with essential materials.

  • ****Zoho: You'll find apps for almost any area and activity, such as:

    • People: In People, you see the people database, vacation requests, applications for PTOs, 1:1s, and remote benefit request forms.

    • Vault: If you ever want to share any passwords with anyone you don't have to use the chat, you should/must use Vault!

    • Sign: It is Zoho's digital signature tool.

    • Desk: It is where the support tickets are stored.

    • CRM: It’s where we have the company's sales information.

    • Campaigns: Also for creating campaigns.

  • ****Greenhouse: The Talent Acquisition Team uses the ATS to hire effectively. This is where you can submit referrals for the opening positions.

Different areas or teams also use other specific platforms, and you will slowly get familiar with all of those too! Note that access to particular area platforms must be requested by following this procedure.

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