Internship Hiring or Renewal Process

General Steps For Hiring New Interns Or Contract Renewal

In Brazil, the hiring of interns tends to be very bureaucratic. The hiring model is governed by Internship Law No. 11.788, published in 2008, which establishes all the rules that must be followed:

  • The maximum workload must be 20 hours or 30 hours a week

  • The activities performed must mandatorily be related to the Intern's graduation course

  • The maximum duration of the internship contract is 2 years

  • The company must provide a professional to supervise the activities performed by the Intern

Note: the compensation package is standard for all interns according to the workload. To learn more about remuneration and benefits, contact the People Team.

Required Documents

Each University has its template documentation that Rocket.Chat and the Intern need to fill in and forward it for signing. However, there is one document in particular that is common to all processes: the Internship Commitment Term — the ICT. The internship will only be formalized by the University's approval of this document.

To guarantee the hiring efficiency, it's important to establish the responsibilities of 3 parties:

  1. Intern

  2. Manager

  3. People Team


The Intern is responsible for:


The Manager is responsible for:

People Team

The People Team is responsible for:

After obtaining all necessary documents, the People Team must mail the completed final versions with all signatures to the person responsible for finalizing the admission or renewal process.

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