General Guidelines

We use Jira as our main work-tracking tool. It gives us good visibility on the things everyone's working on and also to keep track of important conversations

Each task will start in TO DO. That means no one is actively working on it. You can take any task from this list that's not currently assigned to someone.

As soon as you get something to work on, you should change the task's status to IN PROGRESS.

If, during your development, you find something that you cannot workaround or you have an important question, you should add a label BLOCKED.

  • When doing this, remember to leave a comment with the reason for the block or with the questions you have

When you finish the development, you should move it to WAITING REVIEW.

  • Don't forget to set the task owner or the team leader as a reviewer in GitHub

  • If you're not sure to whom to request a review, make sure to add a comment on the task linking the PR.

When you are reviewing a task from someone else (doing code review), you should change the status to IN REVIEW.

  • If the review is OK (no comments or questions, and everything is working out properly), you can now move the task to DONE.

  • Else, notify the developer and move the task to CHANGES REQUESTED . The dev should then move it to IN PROGRESS when they restart work on it.

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