Support Ticket Life Cycle

After getting in touch with Rocket.Chat through email, phone, or ticket portal as a customer, what are the next steps?

Once you create a support case, it will be automatically directed to an available Support Analyst who can handle your issue, based on the summary and description you provided. The assigned Analyst - Level 1 will get in touch with you to comprehend the impact the problem is having on your business and gather any necessary details to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

The Support Analyst - Level 1 will follow up with you in different ways based on the severity of the problem you're facing:

  • If the issue/question can be resolved/answered quickly, the Analyst will update the case and guide you through the explanation or steps to implement the solution.

  • If the issue cannot be resolved swiftly or reproduced for further troubleshooting, the Analyst may request your cooperation to gather additional information until they can replicate or resolve the issue.

  • In case the Analyst cannot reproduce the issue or identify it as a product defect, the Analyst will escalate it to the Level 2 team for a thorough analysis. The Level 2 team will then take charge of addressing your case to our R&D team for resolution. The items that have a significant impact on the customer base are given top priority.

Support Ticket Status

Customers who have access to our Ticket Portal can check the status of their tickets.



Your ticket has been received, and a Support Analyst has been assigned to analyze your case. An "Open" status also indicates that a customer has responded to the ticket at any point during the case.

At Investigation

Your ticket has been received and is being actively analyzed. At this point, the Support Analyst may ask you for more detailed information or may be discussing your case internally.

Waiting for Customer

The Support Analyst has either responded to your question/requirement or is waiting for more information as previously requested.

Tickets labeled as "Waiting for Customer" will be automatically closed after 7 days if no response is received.


Your ticket is identified as a product defect (issue) and it's been escalated to our R&D team. The R&D team is analyzing the case and will place it in the resolution queue based on its severity and impact.


Your issue has been resolved or we provided a solution based on the Support Analyst's diagnosis.

Closed tickets may also indicate that your ticket was closed after 7 days due to it being labeled as "Waiting for Customer" status.

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