Zoho Desk Contingency Plan

In case our Ticketing tool is down. How we operate?

Once we detect any Zoho Desk outage (Zoho Status Page) that prevents us from providing minimal operational support services to our customers, here are the steps we will perform as a contingency plan:

Step 1:

All customers will be informed of the current case by the Support Manager and will be advised that the only temporary channel for logging tickets is via email at support@rocket.chat.

Step 2:

For each new case received in the email box, the Support Manager forwards it to the agent in the shift. After this, the agent continues the case on his own email.

For each open case (emails thread with no resolution confirmation or pending reply), the Support Manager forwards it to the current case owner and the agent will continue the case on his own email.

Step 3:

After Zoho Desk establishment, all the cases must be registered in the platform if needed. All customers will be informed.

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