How to clear MongoDB to re-activate your workspace

This is the procedure on how to clear MongoDB data in cases where you have mismatching information and your workspace isn’t working as expected.


You can’t access your workspace and needs to re-register after obtaining a new workspaceToken.



Steps on how to clear MongoDB to re-activate your workspace:

1. Enter the mongo shell with the command ( this command depends on your deployment type and is different in the case of Docker):

mongo shell

2. Chose rocket chat DB:

use rocketchat

3. Run the following query ( you should receive successful output where will be statements that a few entries were successfully changed ):

db.rocketchat_settings.remove( {"_id": /Cloud_/} )

4. Restart Rocket.Chat server (this is needed for the server to get the refreshed changes on the collection.

5. Request for the token from the support agent.

After all, you will need to pass the registration token which we provide for the workspace under Administration -> connectivity services.

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