Revenue Operations


The team aims to increase sales teams efficiency through processes all while generating high quality data for insights.
  • CP-KR 1.3: Maintain “efficiency score” above 1.25x
  • CP-KR 2.1: Achieve $10M ARR Target
  • CP-KR 2.4b: Increase average win rate by 15%

Members and functions

  • Jorge Máximo: Junior Sales Ops
    • Work focused within the sales team to reduce friction and increase value by guaranteeing data quality and process enforcement;
  • Guilherme Scarpa: Revenue Ops Intern
    • Works towards connecting the entire bow-tie funnel (marketing, sales, customer success) along with product and finance teams through processes and data analysis.
  • Paola Palhais: Senior Sales Ops
    • Work on designing processes, project management and performance evaluation
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