What are they and how to do one?
The 1:1s, or 1-on-1s, recurring meetings between leaders and their teams, where the collaborator has the space to align priorities with the leader, give feedback, express concerns and discuss expectations.
It is the channel for you to define the priority tasks for the week but also to express how you are feeling about your work and activities, and to be mentored by your leader on how to improve your skills and on how to achieve your career goals. They also are points of contact you'll have to talk about the objectives set during the Performance and Career Check-in.
The frequency of the 1:1s vary, but keep in mind that you can and you should remind your leaders about them!
These meetings are yours, Rocketeer! So here are some important points that will help you have greats 1-on-1s:
  • Organize your topics: Know what you want to mention, align the expectations about your goals for the week and quarter, discuss your career and development, bring up decisions you can't make alone, let them know about a PTO you want to take.
  • Have a fixed date: Don't leave this schedule up to fate! Establish that your meeting will happen every Tuesday at 10AM and don't break it. Consider that a fixed slot in your agenda. That way all goals and tasks set on previous talks have clear due dates.
  • You may want to take notes: Although it isn't mandatory, sometimes you may need to write down the agreements made or what was postponed to be talked about later, for example.