Travel Policy

Expenses While Traveling

The company will cover all work-related travel expenses. This includes accommodation and meals during the part of the trip that is work-related. Depending on the distance of your travel, it can also include one day before and one day after the work-related business. For example, if you are attending a 3-day conference in a jetlag-inducing location, the company will cover your lodging and meals those 3 days as well as one day before and one day after.
The company can accommodate custom requests. It is OK to stay longer on your trip. However, the extra days will not be covered by the company.
When spending company money, spend it carefully, i.e. as if it is your own money. You must still apply for all expenses. Always bring a credit card with you when travelling on company business if you have one.
Hotels will generally expect you to have a physical credit card to present upon check-in. This credit card will be kept on file for the duration of your stay. Even if your accommodation was pre-paid by the company or by using a company credit card, the Hotel may still require a card to be on file for "incidentals".
If you incur any work-travel related expenses (on your personal card or a Rocket.Chat company card), please make sure to save the original receipt.
When your trip is complete, please file an expense report via TriNet Expense, Xero or include the receipts on your next monthly invoice.

Self Stay Incentive Policy

If you decide to stay with friends or family instead of a hotel/Airbnb for a business trip, the company will pay you 50% of what would have been the cost of a reasonable hotel. This is in keeping with our values of frugality and freedom, and intended to reward you for saving company money on accommodation expenses. Contractors and employees should take a screenshot of a hotel search from the same location and submit the screenshot by email to the COO for processing.

Booking travel and accommodation

All bookings and accommodation reservations are processed by People Operations.
Before booking any flights please ensure that you have the proper visas in place.
To start your booking process, send an email to People Operations with the origin and destination, travel dates and reason for travelling.
Note: Once a flight is booked, re-routing is at person’s own cost unless requested by the company or force majeure (in the latter case often the airline will cover the difference).