Vacations Policy
Our Policy regarding Vacations varies according to your country.

For Brazilian Rocketeers

For those in Brazil your Vacations are planned according to the CLT legislation.
You have the right to 30 days of vacation after working 1 year in Rocket.Chat. Everytime you complete one more year of work, you get 30 days off (meaning it renovates every 1 year, it is not cumulative). If you need some days off before completing 1 year, you should ask for a PTO. You can split your 30 days vacation in a way that works best for you and to the company as well. This means you can talk directly to your direct manager and align the dates. However, there are some rules - determined by the law - that you need to follow:
  • You can not take vacation for less than 5 days (in this case take PTO);
  • At least one period of your vacation (if you split it in parts) needs to have at least 14 days;
  • Starting on the day your 30 days of vacation renovate, you need to take these 30 days before reaching the renovation date again. For example: If you joined Rocket.Chat on the Feb 1st 2022, you get the right to take 30 days on Feb 1st 2023, and need to take the 30 days until Feb 1st 2024.

For Rocketeers in other countries

Even if you're not in Brazil we encourage you to take at least 20 days off every year. You can choose your days, talk to your leader about the period you'll be away and then request it on Zoho People.
To request it the process is just like requesting PTO, but you use the "Vacation" leave type.