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Find out more about our rocketeer referral and rewards program!
Do you know that moment when you see that open position for working in Rocket.Chat, and you remember that friend you had that fits perfectly with the description? That person could be our next Rocketeer! And the Referrals Program exists so we can reward our Rocketeers who refer other amazing people to join our team!
How it's going to work:
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    All Rocketeers can submit referrals! To do that you just have to: Enter the Google Workspace Dashboard > Click on the Greenhouse icon > Sign in with your Rocket.Chat email > On Greenhouse's header, click on
    and then on "Add a Referral".
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    Fill out the information about your referral and it's done!
If your referral joins the team and stays for at least 90 days, you'll get a reward sponsored by the Referrals system! 🍾
But are these rewards?
You'll get an Experience Pass ✨ It'll be attributed to you in the form of a credit on Zoho People with the value corresponding to one-month remote benefit (see values according to a location in the link), and the expensing system will be the same as the benefit (through reimbursement).
You can use this credit to pay for experiences such as:
  • An awesome dinner
  • A class of something you like (maybe dancing? maybe some sport? maybe cooking?)
  • A surprise breakfast for your loved one
  • That game subscription you've always wanted
  • An Airbnb Experience
Any questions you have just reach out to the People Experience team!
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