Engineering Work Prioritization
Purpose: This document contains relevant information related to best practices on how engineers should prioritize work during the different moments of releases & sprints.
I.Regular Sprint Days: Period during sprint where we do not have any special events or engineering wide activities like release candidate, freeze or engineering day.
During Regular Sprint Days:
Focus should always be in this order: Changes requested > Waiting review > To Do. Inside these 3 steps, we should also always follow the task priority (red > yellow > blue >none). There is no exact "do this all the time" rule, but should guide you most of the time.
II.Freeze Period: Wider engineering period, between release candidate first cut until actual release of Rocket.Chat latest major or minor release.
During freeze Period:
Focus should still follow the same principle, but now for only Milestone marked tasks. Once all milestone marked tasks are done, and no regressions are left, we resume "regular sprint day work".
III. Engineering Day: Wider engineering period, lead by chapters where engineers are expected to work on Engineering priorities, PoC, Tech Debt & Documentation; All focused in scaling engineering.
Engineering Day Period:
CTO assigned priorities > Chapter Lead assigned priorities > Tech Lead Priorities > Own initiatives.
Please note this is the most flexible one and you can always reach chapter lead/engineer manager to discuss items and reprioritize the Engineering Day priorities for your squad and yourself.
IV. Important remarks regardless of period:
1.Remember that tasks assigned to you are your responsibility and require your attention to keep moving ahead on the cycle. The PM/Manager/Lead will help with this up to a certain point and guide which should be the priorities, but this "help" should be minimal from their side.
2.If your task has a problem which you don't know how to solve, needs PM/Lead advice, is blocked for any reason, you should be contacting someone to unlock this task as earlier as you can.
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