Review Guidelines
  • Milestone and Project are correct
  • Related issues to be closed have the correct Milestone and Project
  • Related issues to be closed are written correct (one per line)
  • The title is correct and will be understood when read in the changelog
  • Documentation is present, at the docs repository or in issue description (when applicable)
  • The description is good and could be used in a blogpost (when applicable)
  • There are images showing the changes from before and after, in English and in good resolution (when there are UI changes)
  • There are no irrelevant changes, they could make the review complex
  • The data structure was change and there are migrations to convert the current data (CTO should be notified about structure changes)
  • There are no performance issues, especially in migrations (when applicable, contact the performance team if you aren’t sure)
  • There are no strings missing translations
  • There are no translated strings without translation in en.i18n.json

Server Review

  • The package-lock.json was not changed without changes in package.json
  • The package.json has no irrelevant changes
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