Roles & Responsibilities

Here we may find some key aspects for leadership positions within Engineering and Product organizations.

Product Manager

  • Define the product vision, strategy and roadmap
  • Gather, manage, and prioritize market/customer requirements
  • Drive the product and business-planning process across cross-functional teams
  • Analyze consumer needs, market trends, and potential partnerships
  • Assess current competitors offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation
  • Capture new product ideas from different departments
  • Develop, implement and maintain roadmap timelines across multiple departments
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype construction and final product development by engineering teams
  • Provide continuous support to cross-functional teams by clearly prioritizing work to be done
  • Confirm product is delivered in compliance with plans and definitions
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, marketing and sales teams on the development, QA, and release of products to ensure success for the entire organization
  • Work closely to design team to conduct product discovery
  • Facilitate sprint plannings along with engineers
  • Coordinate with product marketing press releases and product launch

Engineering Manager


  • Continuously assess and validate hiring plans
  • Actively seek and hire talent following hiring plan
  • Conduct managerial interviews for candidates

People management

  • Help engineers grow their tech and soft skills and experience
  • Contribute to the sense of psychological safety on your team (OfficeVibe reviews)
  • Hold regular 1:1's with all team members Facilitate conflict management
  • Provide clear feedback around the individual's performance (including Qulture.Rocks check-in)
  • Coordinate and plan team vacations and PTOs

Team management

  • Work closely with product managers to understand and contribute to product strategy
  • Run an agile team as a servant leader supporting chosen framework
  • Facilitate cross-squads communication
  • Expedite decision making on the team focusing on building the product the right way
  • Support the team to transform product roadmap into well defined and detailed plans for execution
  • Guarantee adherence to established plans and manage expectations towards its conclusions
  • Track team capacity and velocity, making sure sprint points are correctly attributed
  • Be on top of team progress towards objectives (sprint, release, roadmap)
  • Balance engineering initiatives vs products expectations
  • Guide team to work towards company OKRs
  • Seek and promote processes improvement
  • Align among different squads Release Candidates and Final Release scope and dates
  • Support daily, sprint review and sprint retrospective meetings

Technical Leader

  • Conduct technical interviews to support hiring decisions
  • Support to solve technical problems of the highest scope and complexity for your team
  • Look for improvements to product quality, security, and performance
  • Mentor Engineers on your team to help them grow in technical responsibilities and remove blockers to their autonomy
  • Provide feedback around the individual's technical performance
  • Collaborate with the team to share your knowledge and build a stronger squad
  • Conduct cross-squads communication
  • Lead decision making on the team focusing on building the product the right way
  • Be a key person to transform product roadmap into detailed plans for technical execution
  • Advocate and maintain the definition and improvement of our internal standards and best practices through code review and direct guidance
  • Actively seek out impediments to our efficiency as a team ("technical debt"), propose and implement solutions that will enable the entire team to iterate faster
  • Confidently develop large features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members
  • Feed management on how to balance engineering initiatives vs products expectations


  • Enables the transition to Agile by empowering teams to develop an Agile mindset
  • Teach, coach and mentor teams and leadership.
  • Set up governing processes to support agile-based approaches.
  • Define the measurement system by way of identifying relevant metrics.
  • Facilitate change in new ways of working
  • Apply system thinking to expose bottlenecks
  • Evaluate and advise on agile frameworks
  • Seek and promote processes improvement
  • Facilitate cross-squads communication
  • Support Engineering and Product Management to keep alignment on plans and deliveries