Validation Guide

Validation Guide

  • Benchmark

    • How do competitors do this?

    • Is there already a mental model in another product?

  • Consistent

    • Does this mental model already exist within our product?

    • Are we using components of our framework?

    • Does it reflect our personality?

  • Simplicity

    • Was it written with the fewest words?

    • Did you use an icon instead of words where you could?

    • Did you use words already used in the system?

    • Did it use the fewest number of steps?

  • Extensible

    • How is it extensible?

    • How can it be used in more use cases?

    • Can it be a building block for another feature?

  • Vision

    • How does this relate to "Federation"?

    • How does this relate to "Replace Email"?

    • How does this relate to "Omnichannel"?

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