Working Hours

We expect you work from 9am to 6pm every day from your timezone. If you cannot make this hours, inform your team leader of the times you’ll work so everybody will know and we will avoid contact with you outside these hours. Since the mobile team is 100% remote, we need to make sure our times are synced so we don't bother other colleagues when they're not working.

Chat (

It’s not required to be connected to the chat all the time, but it’s expected that you check it at least twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon so you don’t miss important announcements or important questions.

Mobile Team Sync

  1. There will be a bot every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that will ask you in the morning what’s your status (working on, blocked issues, problems you are having, etc). It’s expected that you reply to this bot as soon as you start working that day.

  2. We have calls every Wednesday with iOS and Android team. It’s expected that all of you participate of this meeting (it’s only once a week!) and the duration is between 30min and 45min.

  3. It’s expected that you keep your status in GitHub Projects updated. Every cycle has a project and there’s columns that specifics what should be done, what is in progress, what’s waiting for review and what’s done already.

Rocket.Chat Company Weekly Calls

Every week the whole company joins a call via Jitsi (link on the event) at 1pm Brasilia Time (duration is no longer than 1h). It’s expected that you are present into this meeting and if not, you must inform your team leader why.


Mobile Team has a shared calendar where we put our deadlines and important events to the whole mobile team. Make sure you have it subscribed in your calendar application, you can copy this url.

It's also expected that you reply to the invitations you are invited for with yes, no or maybe.


There are three emails that we can use to communicate internally:, and

It’s expected that you check your email at least twice a day (morning and afternoon) for new invitations, annoucements, etc.


There's an internal category in our forums specific to the Mobile Team discussions. It's encouraged that everyone share ideas and problems there in form of discussion. It's the preferable way to communicate long discussions with your team. All discussions on this category are private.

Office Vibe

You will receive sometimes emails from Office Vibe questionnaires. It’s expected that you reply to all of them in order to help Rocket.Chat improve with your feedback. We encourage you to give us written feedback from there as much as possible, one of our core values is to be transparent and honest with each other. If you don't feel like giving feedback with your name on it, you can also choose to send the feedback anonymously.

Small Improvements

Once a quarter you’ll be requested to make 360º reviews of some of your colleagues and to make your self-assessment. The 360º reviews are optional but we encourage you to give to at least 3 of your collegues once a quarter. The self-assessment review is strictly required as your team leader will also write a feedback for you and you'll only be able to do see it if your self-assessment was written.


Please refer to the company guidelines about PTO in company's handbook.


We don’t contact you in your vacation time unless it’s super urgent. The contact will probably be over phone call or something, but we plan everything so we don’t have to contact you at anytime. We don’t expect you to read your emails, calendar changes, forums, chats, etc. This is the time for you to turn off and disconnect. Also refer to the company handbook for more information about vacations.


Pull Requests

  1. Prefer to use pull-requests to send changes to your repository always. It’s also very important that your pull-request have tags, milestone and the cycle.

  2. You can request your colleagues to review your PRs as much as you want. It’s expected that every colleague don’t take more than 24 hours to review a new pull-request. Taking more than 3 days to review a PR will sound us an alarm that something is not right. We believe that moving the project with small pull-requests is the way to go and reviewing them quickly will reduce the changes of causing conflicts and wasting time to fix it.


  1. It’s expected that you create issues for the bugs you found, improvements that you think are necessary (or want to start a discussion about it) or new features. It’s always preferable to discuss things on the issues or pull-requests than on the chat or video calls.

  2. Make sure you tag your issues and the issues from the community correctly and add the milestone if you think it makes sense.

  3. Bugs are prioritised over new features and improvements most of the time, if you have any question about the prioritisation, contact your team leader.


You can refer to your platform planning document (iOS and Android) for questions related to the way we plan our cycles.

How to choose something to work on

Prior starting your wokr on your To-do issues. They're sorted by priority.


Everyone on the team is responsible for taking care of the community issues and questions. Everyone has the same responsibility and we value very much being clear and responsible to them. Our community is super important to the company.


We avoid meetings trying to do every discussion async. Unless something really requires our presence in real time, we'll prefer to use our forums to long discussions. If the discussion is too much back and forth we can schedule a call (30min is preferred, 1h maximum) to resolve the situation with a very clear goal.

Stores (App Store and Google Play)

Every member of the team has the capability to submit new builds to the store and is encouraged to do so.

How to work with the Design Team

Design Team is a shared team with all other teams of Rocket.Chat and to contact them in order to request assets, new designs or share ideas we have a channel to each specific platform or feature being developed. For iOS, we have ios-design channel and for Android team we have android-design.