Policy Effectiveness and Transition Period

  • This policy is effective as of its announcement date (May 18, 2021) for any new PURCHASES;

  • For Contractors and Brazilian Individual Entities or Independent Contractors, will take effect in June pay period. Meaning Contractor invoices for June will need to be delivered by May 23, 2021 and in line with new policy;

  • Should any doubts or approvals for other circumstances not included in this policy, please contact Accounts Payable Team to address a proper solution;

  • We kindly ask the collaboration of company leaders for cascading the policies changes to the teams by:

    • Reinforcing information and the importance of complying with the new policies at its weekly meetings;

    • Sharing the presentation with the team;

    • In case of doubts, do not hesitate in contact the Accounts Payable and Payroll team for further information.

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