What Is Expected From Avengers

This document states what is expected from members of the Culture Avengers squad.

I - What are the Culture Avengers?

Culture Avengers are a cross-functional and multilevel team that brings different perspectives and experiences into maintaining and modifying our culture. They bring an accurate perception of the good and bad of our current culture into planning effective actions and strategies.

II - What is an Avenger?

In short, an Avenger is a guardian of the culture and a role model for what we aspire to be. Being an Avenger will allow you to be an active player in Rocket.Chat's culture, regularly advising and acting on our initiatives and being role models for what we aspire to be.

Note that being an Avenger is a role and not a job assignment. Also, Avengers activities should not take a toll on your regular job activities as well as your regular job activities should not prevent you from being an active member of the Avengers.

III - What s expected of you as an Avenger?

Follows a list of items that are considered as Avengers regular activities:

  1. Represent the Culture Avengers in meetings and discussions.

  2. Participate in 1-hour sync Avengers call 2 times a month.

  3. Discuss ideas and activities (sync & async) on the Avengers channel.

  4. Develop and deliver Avengers-related projects for Rocket.Chat.

  5. Contribute with ideas and identify issues that may impact Rocket.Chat's culture

IV - Red Flags to Be Aware Of:

Red flags in general are a concern for any member of the company in any team. We understand Avengers is an additional workload, but still is a commitment all participants chose to be a part of and have. Avengers are guardians of the culture, so we are here to lead by example.

Below are a few items that are considered red flags:

  1. Disregard for diversity, inclusion, or the values of Dream, Trust, Own, and Share.

  2. Lack of participation or engagement during meetings and discussions (sync and async)

  3. Unwillingness to take ownership of tasks.

  4. Resistance to feedback

  5. Failure to uphold confidentiality or breach of trust.

  6. Failure to deliver on your regular work activities due to being with the Avengers.

In case the sponsor, avengers lead or other members see any red flags Avengers will receive a direct warning. If the situation is not remediated, the person will be removed from the Avengers.

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