Reporting Product Issues

Please find details on how to report product issues here.

To avoid the same product issue being reported in multiple channels, it's important to keep it centralized in one single place. This way, it's possible for the reporter to keep track of the progress and the product team to work on the issue in an organized way.

To Report an Issue

Click hereto get to our GitHub issues page and check if the issue has already been reported. If it has, and you don't have anything new to add, keep track of the resolution progress. If it has already been reported and you have something to add, please add it as a comment.

In case the issue has not been reported yet, submit your issue/bug using the below steps.

Step by Step

1 - On Rocket.Chat GitHub main repo issues page ( click on β€œNew Issue” button on the top right of the screen.

3 - Give a good title to your issue and fill in the form from Git Hub.

4 - When you are done, please click on the β€œSubmit New Issue” button.

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