Employees Located in Brazil and US

The following instructions for ordering your laptop and headphones ordering apply to all Employees located in Brazil and US.

Employees Located in Brazil

For Brazilian Rocketeers, during your onboarding process, you will need to fill out a form. Through there, you can indicate whether you would like to receive the equipment or not.

If "Yes", Rocket.Chat will send it to you through mail delivery as soon as we start your admission process. You may receive the laptop and headphones separately.

Note: When you receive the packages, you must complete the "After the Delivery" steps described below in this section.

Important: Interns are not eligible to receive company equipment unless it is previously authorized by their Manager. Once they receive the equipment, they also must complete the "After the Delivery" steps described below in this section.

Employees Located in the US

The process follows the same rules as for Contractors, Rocket.Chat will pay a one-time subsidy to ensure adequate equipment to provide the related hired service.

Following the definitions available in the Monthly payment policy, the subsidy will be paid on the second quarter of the first month of work in a single payment of up to USD 2,150.00 (two thousand and one hundred and fifty dollars), which considers the Company's estimates for the purchase of a new notebook and headphones for remote work to be used for 36 months.

The equipment (notebook and headphones) purchased belongs to the company, and the Employee also agrees with the following rules of use of the equipment for the purpose of rendering services under the Company standards:

  • The equipment is intended for work purposes only;

  • Rocket.Chat has the right to unilaterally determine acceptable uses for the equipment, including mandating certain security configurations;

  • Rocket.Chat reserves the right to change acceptable uses and security policies during the terms of this service agreement;

  • Employees must agree with Rocket.Chat privacy policy and apply the necessary procedures as determined in the โ€œRocket.Chat Handbookโ€;

  • Equipment bought must be new, not used, to guarantee standards and security policies.

You don't need to send any quotes for approval before the purchase, you just need to send the purchase receipt (with a value up to USD 2150) to the Finance team (patricia.ferreira@rocket.chat) so they can proceed with the reimbursement.

For the laptop, you can follow the specifications below:

  • Non-devs: Core i5 9th or 10th generation, 8GB or 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

  • Devs: Core i7 9th or 10th generation, 16GB RAM, 256 SSD (preference to dedicated video card)

Find the terms for any necessary repairs to the machine below.

Exceptions to this policy will be solely at Rocket.Chat discretion.

After the Delivery - Applicable to Both US and Brazil Employees

As soon as you receive your equipment, you need to follow two crucial steps before starting to work:

  1. The laptop and headphones need to be reported with serial numbers, brand, model and other details by adding them to this form.

  2. New laptops should be configured with security in mind, so before you start working, you need to read and fill out this security form that will guide you through the necessary configurations you need.


The equipment paid for by the company is the property of Rocket.Chat, so you do not need to buy insurance for them unless it is company policy to do so, which at the moment it is not. However, you do need to report any loss following or damage to the Program Manager (Marcelo Schmidt) as soon as it occurs.

In case you eventually leave the company, there is a โ€œBuy Back Policyโ€, which will be described further.

However, if you decide not to purchase the equipment, we will then have them shipped to our office and expense the shipping costs.

All the information in the team-member laptops must be securely erased before they are returned. This not only protects the company but also protects you since personal information may exist in these machines. Reformatting a computer is not sufficient in these cases because it is possible to recover sensitive data after reinstalling an operating system.

Buy Back Policy

You can buy back your existing equipment, either when it gets replaced with a new one, or when you're offboarding. In these cases, you have the option to purchase it for the residual value from Rocket.Chat.

The residual value is calculated using the Straight-Line Depreciation method, as described in your Agreement to Use Company Assets, which you'll receive once your purchase is approved.

The Finance team will e-mail you asking if you would like to send back or purchase your equipment. If purchasing, please contact Dรฉbora Coy and we will calculate the determined value. Then, if you decide to move forward with purchasing, our Finance team will reach out with payment information.

If you decide to retain the laptop, you are required to wipe the machine re-install the base operating system, and remove all software and configurations that were supplied by Rocket.Chat. Evidence or a declaration that the device has been wiped must be supplied within 2 weeks of the end of employment. If we discover that a device has not been wiped according to policy, we may act to enforce a remote wipe without notice.


If you need to replace a battery or something small that does not affect the productivity or speed of the device, please go ahead and get that small item replaced and expensed, by using this form. If the repair is going to take longer than a day, then you need to make sure you have a backup laptop to work on.

If, however, the repair is going to be expensive and take weeks to fix and you have no backup laptop, your best option is to replace the laptop. In this case, in case you need a replacement laptop, make sure to send evidence that the previous machine's damaged, return the first laptop by shipping it to our office (your shipping costs will be reimbursed) and remember all laptops must be returned within 2 weeks of receiving the replacement, so please prioritize transferring information between laptops within this time frame.

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