On this page, we're detailing how to optimize meetings in an all-remote environment.

Control Your Calendar

  • Reserve blocks of time to do focused work

  • Create meeting-free days every week

  • Just say no OR delegate

  • Configure a 25 minutes default meeting duration

  • Define speedy meetings to have 5 or 10-minute intervals

pageBlocking Calendar Slots and Meeting Free Day

Respect Others' Calendars

  • Always confirm if you are attending or not

  • Read the agenda and materials sent out in advance

  • Join the meeting on time

Host Good Meetings

  • Prepare an agenda

  • Avoid the status meetings

  • Invite only the people who need to attend (mark other people as optional)

  • Start and end on time

  • Donโ€™t rehash materials sent out in advance

  • Send out a summary of the next steps

Organizing Recurrent Meetings

  • Schedule recurring meetings at the beginning of the week

pageRecurring Meetings


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