Revenue Operations


The RevOps team is located within the operations team and works cross-frontally with the other teams as Data, Business Systems, and GTM Planning.

Some responsibilities of the RevOps team can be summarized as follows:

  • Sales force design and deployment

  • Sales process and systems - processes management from Awareness to Expansion

  • Pipeline management and forecasting

  • Sales Operations management

  • Sales compensation design and administration

  • Quota allocating/goal setting

  • Revenue metrics selection and definition

Members and functions


Diego Spagnol

Sales Ops Analyst

Awareness/ Education Stage of funnel. Ensure that the lead delivery flows and processes to the sales team are being delivered according to the SLA - Leads Check Routine

Isabelle Dias

Sales Ops Analyst

Onboarding & Expansion stage of funnel. Focused on Customer Onboarding & Support building the internal bridge to order management.

Mayra Lima

Legal Analyst

Focus on requirements and provisions in contracts to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

Paola Palhais

RevOps Manager

Team Management, project management and performance evaluation. Quota setting reviews, forecasting & compensation plan design.

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