The Gabes

The Gabes reflects our commitment to excellence πŸ†

Inspired by the most glamorous Hollywood awards, The Gabes are our annual ceremony created exclusively for Rocketeers to praise, compliment, applaud, acclaim, and recognize their fellow team members. Yes, you read that right – actual prizes await the deserving winners.

Over the years, The Gabes has evolved, continually refining its categories to align authentically with our core values. Here's an exclusive peek into our most recent official awards:


πŸ‘₯ THE PRIME CLONE: who should we clone?

Have you ever wished you could clone someone's professional qualities? If so, this is the nominee you're looking for. This Rocketeer’s exceptional skills and impressive profile set the standard for others to follow.

πŸ”₯ THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE: whose talent cannot be stopped?

This Rocketeer is an unstoppable force when it comes to their professional skills. They overcome challenges and consistently push the boundaries of their abilities. Their determination makes them an example of what it means to be truly unstoppable.

πŸ›Ÿ THE LIFESAVER: who are you grateful for?

This Rocketeer goes above and beyond to help their colleagues and improve the work environment. Whether it's offering support, guidance, or a listening ear, this nominee is always there to lend a helping hand.

🧩 THE TEAM’S GLUE: who’s the glue that holds the team together?

This Rocketeer keeps the team connected and thriving. Thanks to their ability to inspire collaboration and maintain a positive atmosphere within the group, this nominee ensures that everyone works harmoniously towards common goals.

🎬 BEHIND THE SCENES: who quietly shapes success?

This Rocketeer might not be seen in the spotlight, but we would be lost without their hard work and dedication. This nominee is like a silent hero, working behind the scenes and playing a vital role in our success.


πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ THE DREAMER: They dream high, always. They’re not afraid of trying new things and bringing new ideas to the table, they take initiative and always go beyond expectations!

🀹 THE OWNER: Capable of juggling tasks, new projects, collaborations, and helping other Rocketeers, always with responsibility and accountability. Sometimes, you even get surprised by everything the Owner is capable of doing at the same time!

🀝 THE TRUSTWORTHY: You can count on them with your eyes closed! If you know they’re responsible for something, you have nothing to worry about.

πŸ“¬ THE SHARER: Always ready to share what they know, the Sharer is that person you know is happy to teach and show what they know to allow the team to grow too!

Regardless of how long someone has been a Rocketeer, whether it's 1 month or 1 year, everyone's participation is valued and cherished. Your presence makes a difference, so we hope to see you in the next edition of The Gabes! πŸ‘

Note: should you have suggestions to enhance this special moment, please reach out to a member of the People Team.

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