Delegation letter

Delegation letter for Change Management Process

Valid until 28/02/2024

Delegate Change Managers (DCM): Guilherme Gazzo (Head of Architecture); Diego Sampaio (Staff Engineer); Aaron Ogle (Head of Infra); Douglas Gubert (Engineer Manager);

I, Rodrigo Nascimento (CTO), am writing to delegate change management responsibilities for the above mentioned Delegate Change Managers (DCM).

With this delegation, they are also allowed to assess the impact of a change, identify any risks, and make a recommendation for approval or rejection of a release.

I am confident that DCM listed above have the skills and expertise necessary to successfully manage change activities for Rocket.Chat on all capacities listed on Change Management Plan. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rodrigo Nascimento, CTO, Rocket.Chat

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