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Images take forever to upload and render while using GridFS for MongoDB 4.X.X<

Description of the issue: After upgrading to version 4.X.X., MongoDB 4.2.X and above some users reported slow image uploads and reduced performance in general. The main reason is the usage of GridFS for files uploading, it's becoming very slow with 60K+ chunks and it takes forever to upload images and a long time for the images to be visible once the image is there.
Note: GridFS is only sustainable if you are using the Retention Policy and only storing a small number of files per week which is not hefty but it is not recommended by us because it is not scalable.
Quick Solution: 1. Enter mongo shell ( command example for Docker)
docker exec -it mongodb mongo
2. choose rocket chat DB:
use rocketchat
2. After adding an index with the command below, it goes back to normal. db.rocketchat_uploads.chunks.createIndex( { files_id: 1, n: 1 }, { unique: true } )