Remote Benefit

Being a remote team and an international company comes with many non-traditional things, things as getting people on remote all-team meetings. It also brings along several aspects that are unique to the business side, such as different ways of paying employees, perks, benefits, and when to give people holidays.

One reason our benefits structure operates differently is because we are remote and international, however, another reason is that we want our benefits to reflect our values and our desire to create a workplace of the future. So here we present a proposal of benefits to be offered to our team hoping to achieve this goal.

The Amounts

We’ve budgeted an amount to reimburse teammates for special costs. Market rates may vary as we have people based in different countries. We also have a great challenge to equalize the remote benefit, so keep in mind it will vary per region. For people relocating or moving to other countries, the Remote Benefit amount will be updated only after the update of the new address respectively in Deel and Zoho People.

RegionMonthly Amount


R$ 220


$ 165


€ 165

Other Countries/Regions

$ 110


This policy is effective October 1st, 2022. The remote benefit will be paid monthly, and teammates can spend it as they see fit, without the need to present receipts. Below you can see how the remote benefit will be paid for each type of employee:

  1. CLT and Interns based in Brazil:

  • The amount will be paid monthly on your Caju card, and can only be used in places included in those types of classification (for on-prem or online purchases).

  • The amount accumulated will not expire.

  1. Employees based in the US and Europe and Contractors in Other Countries:

  • The amount will be paid monthly along with your salary, categorized as a Remote Benefit Reimbursement.

  • All local taxes and fees related to the remote benefit will be the responsibility of the Rocketeer and the company will not refund them.

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