PTO Best Practices for Engineering

I - Purpose of this document:

Share best practices for handling PTO of 4 or more days as a squad.

II - Other Documents:

There is another important documentation in the handbook when the topic is PTO. Please check it as well:

A - Guide to PTO ->

III - Best Practices for Engineers:

  • Check squad agenda for the period you are thinking about taking the PTO;

  • Check with other squad members if they are able to cover your activities during your PTO period;

  • Speak with your manager before submitting items on Zoho sharing who will be able to cover your activities during your PTO;

  • Set Out of Office notice on your google calendar, blocking your agenda for any new meetings;

  • Decline existing /recurring meetings for the period you will be on PTO to show you will not be available. (RSVP as No -> Select option β€œThis event” + As possible place a comment);

  • Post a message about your PTO with the following template at your squad channel:

β€œI’ll be on PTO from DATE1 to DATE2, and back on DATE3.

During my absence please check below people for progress on items:

Name 1 - Activity 1

Name 2 - Activity 2

Name n - Activities n"

  • A couple of days before going on PTO, set a meeting with each person that is covering your activities to share context and cover any questions;

  • Share with the team on thread for your PTO or directly with people covering links to documents such as ADRs, figma links, jira tickets and others that might help them get context;

  • If it is a short period of PTO (one or two days), make sure your tasks are all done or addressed before going on PTO, or that you will be able to complete all of them before the end of the sprint.

IV - Best Practices for Managers:

  • At the beginning of each month send at squad channel list of people that will be on PTOs with dates;

  • Post in the thread related to month's PTO list any relevant updates to the list;

  • Confirm with engineer requesting PTO who are main coverage contacts;

  • Make sure requested PTOs are properly handled on official tools;

  • React to messages posted by engineers related to PTOs as a way to acknowledge them;

  • Follow up with engineers to confirm all is properly set for PTOs.

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