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Meet our Culture Code and our DOTS!

Our Culture

Being a Rocketeer is about understanding and living our culture on an everyday basis! So you must meet what it is all about since the 1st Day!

Back in 2020, during our annual Summit, something remarkable happened. Every Rocketeer, gathered to explore our collective identity. What does it mean to be a part of this dynamic team? The result was a mosaic of words, expressions, and quotes that encapsulated the essence of us, our spirit, and our drive. This mosaic soon crystallized into what we proudly call our DOTS.

Fast forward to 2023, we went to periods marked by growth and personnel transitions. We recognized the need to recalibrate our DNA, ensuring that it still perfectly mirrored our evolving journey. Upon thorough review, it was clear for us – our core DOTS remained unshaken, just requiring a slight retouch. Every facet of our Culture Code was borne from the voices and souls of Rocketeers, carefully designed to mirror our authentic selves and that remains and still is present on day to day of our organization.

Our Culture Code isn't just a set of words. It's crafted with the threads of our shared aspirations, values, and ambitions. It's a living testament to who we were, who we are, and the behaviors and competencies we should expect from every Rocketeer.

We Dream

Dream big, embrace change, and create lasting impact through belief, action, and innovation.

We chase dreams boldly, embrace ambition, and shape a lasting legacy through faith, action, and innovation.

We Own

We own it! Solving, improving, collaborating – our daily pledge. Wearing ownership proudly in the company's signature shirts.

We own the business mindset, living it through aligned solutions, proactive improvement, reliable collaboration, and accountability. Displayed proudly in our signature shirts daily.

We Trust

Remote-born, trust-based. We value teamwork through transparency, empathy, and fun. Trust fosters asking without judgment, uniting all Rocketeers.

Remote-born, trust-based. We embrace async collaboration, nurture a team culture of transparency, empathy, and enjoyment. Trust cultivates a judgment-free help-seeking environment, reciprocating among all Rocketeers.

We Share

Together > Alone! Sharing code, celebrating, and dropping egos define us. Support = team growth. Transparency fuels collaboration and improvement.

Together beats alone! Sharing means open code, knowledge, celebrating, and transparent camaraderie. Support fosters team growth; transparency drives collaboration and improvement.

Check out our full Culture Code by clicking here.

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