Our Culture

Meet our Culture Code and our DOTS!
Being a Rocketeer is about understanding and living our culture on an everyday basis! So you must meet what it is all about since the 1st Day!
Our Culture Code was created in 2019 during our yearly Summit. We brought every single member of our team together to talk about what represented us as Rocketeers, and as a result, we got a set of words, expressions and quotes that afterwards were compiled and became our Culture Code. So keep in mind that everything you see in our Culture Code was once mentioned by one or more Rocketeers and purposely built that way so it may truly represent who we are!
The core of our culture are our DOTS! They represent who we are, and who we want to be, and they show us the behaviours and competencies we should expect from every Rocketeer.

We Dream

We get out of our comfort zone and take risks because we dream. Our dreams take us to high goals and the fear of failure doesn't stop us from trying because we have the passion to go beyond the status quo.� To represent this value:
  • Don’t be afraid of taking risks and trying new things.
  • Take initiative, and get out of your comfort zone!

We Own

We hope to find those better ways because of our ownership because we own. We own the problems that appear and feel empowered to take initiative to solve them, testing and adapting. We own our responsibilities, and if we say it we do it, constantly trying to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We wear this ownership every day, represented by the t-shirts we so proudly wear in every possible colour.� To represent this value:
  • Get involved, help with other projects, and collaborate with other areas!
  • Push yourself while being accountable and taking responsibility.

We Trust

We are so proud of what we do, we wear it and talk about it because we trust. We trust what we're creating, we trust the purpose of what we do, and we trust each other. That is what gives us the freedom to innovate, to create our own schedules, and to have remote work as part of who we are as Rocket.Chat. The flexibility and balance we achieve by trusting is what makes our environment one of enjoyment, is what makes us feel pleasure in doing what we do.� To represent this value:
  • Freely ask for help and be available to help others.
  • Don’t point fingers, speak up and offer feedback while being open to receiving it too.

We Share

We trust, believe and enjoy what we do because we share. We share the good and the bad because we're united by a common belief. We team up to solve problems, meet clients, create solutions, and celebrate birthdays or our yearly Summits. Most importantly, we share because that is the essence of who we are. We're open, and built by our community, so more than just sharing, it is about empowering and loving the community and who's beside us, making this all happen.� To represent this value:
  • Share your knowledge and be willing to help, making your team grow with you.
  • Be transparent in your actions and tasks, go open!
Check out our full Culture Code by clicking here.