How Do We Communicate

Let's review how we communicate among peers and share information in our daily lives

Async Communication

Embracing our remote workforce! Let’s work to improve our productivity, collaboration, & async communication as we’re not all in an office together, no hallway conversations are happening and we can’t just talk up to each others’ desks. To operate effectively in our fully remote work setting and consistently further our efforts, we need proactive ownership around our communication on​

RAW! It’s how we collaborate async:

React - recognize if a relevant message has been received and understood Align - contribute or engage to make sure you understand expectations and the next steps Work - take action when you have a job to do, and let the team know about it - now and going forward

When important messages are sent or you’re tagged in conversation, ask yourself: have I reacted, aligned (if needed) and/or signalled that I’m working on it?

Let's make clear communications, delivered with kindness, and that creates productive results!


All Hands

The All Hands Meeting is a cornerstone of our communication strategy, fostering unity and transparency across the organization. In these regular meetings, we share company-wide updates, celebrate successes, and make sure everyone is on the same page with our collective goals. We share important information and announcements that have a large impact from a cross-functional standpoint. We also communicate some of our department's important initiatives with other departments within our company and give people the opportunity to learn more about their department's responsibilities/activities and members. Open discussions and insights from leadership ensure that every team member is well-informed about key initiatives. The All Hands Meeting reinforces a sense of shared purpose and strengthens our collective commitment to excellence.

Recurring Meetings

Recurring meetings are key to fostering collaboration, but their success depends on careful management. We strongly recommend prioritizing asynchronous communication and using meetings for crucial discussions. In our all-remote setup, it's crucial to make these meetings efficient. Clearly defined purposes, short agendas, and limited durations make sure time is well spent.

Responsibilities are distributed among participants, emphasizing accountability over mere task completion. By embracing flexibility and utilizing technology wisely, we create a collaborative space where recurring meetings are meaningful, contributing to our shared objectives.

Remember: responsibility here is not just about doing tasks; it's about being accountable for the success of these vital communication channels.

In our agile work model, recurrent meetings serve as crucial forums for discussing ongoing projects, conducting checkpoints, and facilitating essential ceremonies. These sessions embody our commitment to transparency, collaboration, and continuous adaptation. Structured with a clear focus on objectives, these meetings provide a dedicated space to address challenges, share updates, and acknowledge achievements. We aim to ensure that each meeting is purposeful and directly contributes to the success of our projects. By maintaining a balanced and professional approach, we harness the power of these recurring meetings as essential tools in our agile journey, whether it's one-on-one with your manager or a team meeting.

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