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Got a passion for plants, cryptocurrencies, or maybe the thrill of spicy food? You're not alone!
Our extraordinary team shares a diverse range of interests, and as the most fantastic communication platform on Earth, we've created a space for you to connect and collaborate around these cool topics — introducing Rocket.Chat Clubs!
With more than 30 clubs, we cover everything from wine tasting to game development and outer space. And guess what? There's always room for new clubs.
Participation in these channels is entirely optional, but we believe that the diverse interests within the team are a treasure to be explored. So here are some exciting suggestions for you:
📚 #rocketchat-book-club: Share the books you're currently reading and engage in lively discussions.
🎵 #rocket-music: Showcase your favourite song of the moment and discover new artists.
🍲 #rocket-chef: Propose a recipe you love, and let others try to replicate the magic.
🍿 #rocket-popcorn: Share the last movie you watched and your opinions about it.
What are you waiting for? Let's embody our values of "Own" and "Share" within these clubs!
Note: To find our clubs, navigate to the “Teams” section on your sidebar, then click on “Rocket.Chat.Clubs”. Look for the “#” in the upper right corner to discover all the Team Channels. Identify the one(s) that resonate with you, join them, and start interacting.
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