Internal Commission for Accident Prevention

In Brazil, CIPA stands for "Comissão Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes," translating to Internal Commission for Accident Prevention. Comprising representatives from both employers and employees, CIPA plays a crucial role in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating workplace hazards. The committee's overarching goal is to create a work environment prioritizing life protection, promoting worker health, and preventing accidents and work-related illnesses.

Purpose of CIPA

CIPA operates intending to permanently reconcile work with life protection. Even in a remote work setting, we acknowledge the importance of addressing potential risks, including those related to ergonomics, activities in physical offices, and mental health concerns. The committee works to observe, report, and recommend measures to reduce, eliminate, or neutralize these risks, ensuring a comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety.

Why CIPA Matters

A company's dedication to employee safety extends beyond physical office spaces. Regulated by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment (Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego - MTE), CIPA is a mandatory committee in workplaces. It emphasizes the importance of safeguarding employees and promoting measures to protect against potential risks.

The active participation of all Rocketeers in CIPA-focused pieces of training not only fortifies the understanding of occupational health and safety but also positions all of our employees as a key advocate for the well-being of our worldwide work community.

Responsibilities of CIPA

CIPA holds diverse responsibilities aimed at fostering a secure working environment:

  • CIPA diligently identifies and evaluates potential workplace hazards, encompassing physical, ergonomic, and mental health aspects;

  • The committee actively promotes measures designed to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses, fostering a proactive approach to employee well-being;

  • An integral aspect of CIPA's role involves organizing safety training programs for employees. These initiatives enhance awareness and contribute to a safety culture within the organization.


It's essential to note that the members of CIPA change every year, ensuring fresh perspectives and commitment to safety. Each term brings new representatives to the commission, fostering continuous improvement in our approach to occupational health and safety.


CIPA is a cornerstone in our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. By proactively addressing risks, promoting preventive measures, and fostering collaboration between management and employees, CIPA plays a key role in upholding the well-being of our workforce.

For further information or inquiries about CIPA, please reach out to the designated representatives or refer to the Brazilian government website.

Important: CIPA has a dedicated chapter in the onboarding certification. The People Team is responsible for ensuring regular updates on the certification, including the latest training materials.

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