Rocket.Chat Handbook
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Tiered Structure

Our Customer Support team uses a tiered support structure that splits technical support tasks into different levels. Each level has its own responsibilities and expertise.
Job Responsibilities
Support Analyst | Level 1
Our First-Line of support gets all the customer tickets and sorts them based on its complexity.
They handle everyday customer concerns that are common and urgent. Their priority is to solve problems ASAP so that customers can carry on with their day.
They also try to collect as much information about the customer's issue as they can. If they're unable to fix the problem, they'll hand it off to second-line support.
Support Specialist | Level 2
Second-line support is responsible for addressing customer problems that are too technical, uncommon, or time-consuming for first-line support.
Second-line agents possess specialized knowledge, focusing on complex issues that require an in-depth understanding of our product.
If a recognized product issue is identified, second-line agents are responsible for escalating the issue to the R&D team (3rd Line).
Support Manager
Technical Support Manager oversees the team and is responsible for managing the technical support process, which includes managing the queue of support tickets and escalated issues.
The manager also makes sure that support is provided quickly and effectively. Additionally, they assist other customer-facing departments with any technical questions they may have.