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This process is adaptable, each project has its own constraints, so in order to make it possible to apply it on any project size, you can make it shorter or dive deep given its needs, however, you should still go through all steps.

As you go through this process, you will notice that you might need to go back and forward among steps, reevaluating the solution to address new feedback.

Design Workflow




We have not defined all constraints and needs yet, in a focus group, we should bring up these requirements and come first, with solutions for the case and after merging them into as few as possible ideas to explore.


We need a measurable artifact so all people involved can actually see what was proposed during the ideating phase and discuss sicking for a more concrete plan.

Closed Test

After iterating the solutions with the focus group, a prototype should be made available to the broader team so everyone will be on the same page and can come with feedback with no need of going so deep into the case.

Open Test

Here the final users will have the opportunity to try a new concept and come with feedback. It is important to abstract what they are asking and analyze why they are asking that.

Hand Off

Should be done a resume of all learnings during the given process.


New features should include as its design deliverable a tracking plan, which should be applied after the development phase.

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